Partners Bullish On Diversity
We are fortunate to work with some of the most reputable financial institutions in the world to provide access to financial services careers by helping educate & foster diverse talent.

Our corporate partners provide equitable access & support as our students grow as young adults & investors while transitioning from high school to college.

Financial institutions play an integral role in our students' career growth. Our small cohort sizes allow for meaningful mentorships between employees & students to forge connections that persist beyond our 14-week course.

Their time, support & financial assistance are the reason The Destiny Project exists today.
Explore Benefits of Various Donation Sizes
Fund the scholarship prizes for a high school or community college investment competition!
Train 3 teachers to implement our Financial Fluency curriculum into their classroom & access our digital library of teaching tools!
Host a white-labeled, city-wide investment competition for high school or community college students & provide them with free access to an online financial education portal!
Adopt a school and establish meaningful mentorships between students interested in financial services & corporate partners! Provide annual scholarship prizes & transform over 100 students into shareholders!
Sponsor an entire Destiny Project Intern Cohort and invest in changing the face of finance! Join our Bullish Partners and provide The Destiny Project with the resources to host city-wide competitions for exposure & rigorous programming for meaningful professional development.
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Lead By Example
to expose over 10,000 students to the stock market, train 12 talented individuals to thrive in Financial Services, and implement a program to confront diversity directly & sustainably at your firm.
City-Wide Talent Search
Host a 3-month, white-labeled investment competition with your firm’s logo & color scheme integrated into Rapunzl’s simulated trading platform.

The competition will be city-wide and open to all high school and community college students with $5,000 in scholarship prizes allocated to students of color from low-income communities.

We support educators by sharing digital learning tools & hosting professional development workshops.

The top 100 performing students write essays about their portfolios to win prizes, including being selected to join the Destiny Project.
Destiny Training Program
Twelve students will be accepted into The Destiny Project based on their competition performance, personal essay & interview.

All students will follow a rigorous 14-week training program, meeting 2 hours every Saturday, and establish early connections with mentors in financial services.

Each week, students will participate in private investment competitions with cash prizes to tie learning about money with money.

Students will all be awarded fractional shares of stock & receive a weekly cash stipend throughout the program.
Career Support
We recognize our corporate partners in April, during Financial Literacy Month with a city-wide, white-labeled competition.

Mentors and The Destiny Project assist students with interview practice, resume building, and discussing the social pressures of being a minority on Wall Street.

In May, partner firms host interviews with the intention of hiring at least one student for a paid-summer internship.

We then provide ongoing support throughout the internship & foster long-term relationships with our students.